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Breathwork, Meditations.

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We blend ancient wisdom with modern insights, offering you practical tools for navigating your life

Heal and Release

Healing begins when we release the weight of the past (trauma, grief, sadness, depression, loneliness) and the worry of the future (anxiety, fear, helplessness) & we embrace the present moment, allowing well-being, energy & vitality to flourish.

Be your best Self

Have  inner balance, peace, clarity, purpose, health, happiness, creativity, well-being, energy, vitality, a life you love!

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Whatever your situation, we can create a customised solution to help you reach your goals
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Reach out to discuss personalized solutions

Single Session

Preliminary consultation.

Breathwork, Meditation, Understandings.

120 minutes


Also possible for groups

Personalized Sessions

Price to be agreed once the recommended  options have been put together for you.

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Marc About_low res

Mark Durbano

Well-being coach
Breath-work facilitator

NLP Practitioner
Guided meditations
Music & Sound healer

Sharing silence-peace & freedom


Mael Trendel

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming  Coach
Hypno Coach

Communication Trainer
Men’s Work Facilitator

Shamanic Work 
Reiki Practitioner

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I participated in two sessions with Mark, and it was an amazing experience. At the first one I could feel how my mind was blocked in a way and how I was needing to take a time to reconnect with myself. Beginning the practice with a stronger breath work made me feel more calm and present in the moment. It was a peaceful sensation that I hadn’t feel it for a long time. On the second session, I was surprised how it was different from the first one. This time I kind of knew what to expect and I was more comfortable with the process. Felt like I could go further and access deeper parts of my subconscious. The meditation was a bit longer and I lost the track of time, feeling I could be there for hours. In general both of the meditations with Mark made me reconnect with myself and find a bit more peace and calmness on the daily activities. I feel now that the practice of meditation should be part of my routine and I’m grateful to have had this transforming experience. Eu participei de duas sessões com o Mark e foi uma experiência incrível. Na primeira meditação, pude sentir como a minha mente estava agitada e como eu precisava parar um pouco para me reconectar comigo mesma. Iniciar a prática com um trabalho de respiração mais forte me fez sentir mais calma e presente no momento. Foi uma sensação de paz que eu não sentia há muito tempo. Na segunda meditação, fiquei surpresa em como foi diferente da primeira. Dessa vez, eu já sabia o que esperar e estava mais confortável com a prática. Senti como se pudesse mergulhar ainda mais fundo em mim mesma e acessar uma parte mais profunda da minha mente. A meditação foi mais longa e eu me perdi no tempo, sentindo como se pudesse ficar lá para sempre. No geral, as duas meditações com o Mark me ajudaram a me reconectar comigo mesma e a encontrar um pouco mais de paz e tranquilidade em meio ao caos do dia a dia. Sinto que a prática da meditação agora deve fazer parte da minha rotina e sou grata por ter tido essa experiência transformadora.

Thais 30s Brazilian

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I recently participated in a transformative experience with Mark, which consisted of two guided meditations. The first meditation focused on conscious breathing and relaxation of the body, while the second meditation was focused on creative visualisation and connection with inner wisdom. During the first meditation, I was able to feel my body deeply relaxing, while focusing on my breath and releasing the tensions and worries of the day. It was an incredible feeling of peace and tranquility that left me renewed and ready to face the day with more balance and focus. In the second meditation, I was impressed with Mark's ability to guide visualisation and connect me with my inner wisdom in such a powerful way. Through his words, I could clearly imagine a scene that brought me a lot of inspiration and clarity to some personal issues I had been facing. Overall, the experience in both of Mark's meditations was very positive for me. I felt more peaceful, more connected to myself, and more prepared to deal with the challenges of life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a guided meditation practice by an experienced and committed professional for personal transformation.

Tati 30s Brazilian

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I loved the first session Mark prepared tailored made for me. Started by a conversations about fears that could be easily been unlocked and be currently blocking important areas of my life and that could be freed by breathing. Then we went to the street to practice some simple exercises that could be use in your daily life to help you from external noisy thoughts and recover your Center & focus. I was quite surprise how simple but effiecent they were I’d implemented correctly ! Another part of the session, was liberating yourself through free dancing with different styles always guided by the voice of mark and even accompany in dancing if you get block! This exercises helped a lot to connect with your true self, and start warming up with the breathing. This was followed by intense breathing exercises guided by Marck. I kind of felt going in trance by I was always feeling safe with him so I continued to explore further without fear. Last part, a kind of “shavasana” was quite powerful to me. While lying on the floor, with a blanket and starting a deep sound journey, the breath was getting regulated organically. (Even if had the eyes closed, I could feel Marck was always there guiding & adapting the sesión un real time as well as making sure breathing was getting back to normal). After this, he putted a blanket covering my full body (face included) and I felt that a part of my was dying while another one that was hidden (probably by fear?) was coming out stronger than ever… it is hard to describe, I have tried many therapies & wellness experiences in my life, in different countries, but it was definitely something for I am truly grateful to Marck and that I would recommend to anybody that wants to reconnect with their self. Appart from what I felt, I also retain two main concepts from the session: 1. We are not the body, we are not the mind ✨ 2. Heaven is on earth 🌅 Thanks a lot also for your time today Marc , such a powerful session 💫 I feel very grateful. - now I am in Cap Ferret in a super slow mood and trying to apply gently the techniques you taught me to enjoy the present momento & start learning how to “control” my mind ✨ Peace & love.

Elena, 30s, Spain

shallow focus photography of woman outdo
Over the last few years iv had difficulty sleeping / relaxing , mind just not stopping , having some sessions with Mark , I am now sleeping alot better , not actually getting caught up with things like I used to ,his advice knowledge and patience has really been a lot of help , especially the breathing part of the session’s, it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to sit quiet in peace and just drift off, Thank you, Thelma May.

Thelma May 80's British


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